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With the draft and free agency in the rearview mirror, NFL rosters are largely set for the upcoming season. A few trades or late free-agent signings could throw a wrinkle or two into the equation, but for the most part, teams are preparing to go to war with the guys they already have in-house. This means we can plant our flags and start declaring which teams will exceed expectations, and which teams are set up for disappointment.

In part one of this two-part series, I’ll walk through each division in the AFC and predict who will earn themselves a home…

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I decided to challenge myself by going sober for 100 days. Why? To put it simply, I was curious.

Over the past decade or so, alcohol has been a focal point in my (social) life. When the weekends would roll around, my free time was often spent tossing pong balls into a solo cup, or heading to a local bar just to wind up socializing strictly with the people I arrived with.

Despite my typical weekend routine, I never viewed myself as someone who had a problem with drinking. I never drank alone, drinks during the week were rare, and…

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The NFL draft is the ultimate sign of hope for football players, teams, and fans alike. It’s a time for everyone to get excited about the next chapter in the NFL, and dream about what the future has in store. However hopes and dreams aren’t the only things the draft provides — it also serves as a crystal ball that shows us where the league is headed in the future.

Draft picks are one of the most valuable commodities in the NFL, and front offices and coaching staffs do everything they can to make sure these picks wind up translating…

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The San Francisco 49ers made headlines recently when they sacrificed 3 first round picks to move up from #12 in #3 in the 2021 draft via a trade with the Miami Dolphins. The move had NFL media buzzing and everyone quickly began firing off takes left and right about who won the trade, why each team made the move, and who the 49ers would ultimately select with their newly acquired pick. Everyone had different opinions about the move, but one thing was unanimously agreed upon — the 49ers were moving up to draft a quarterback.

After the initial takes came…

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The 2021 NFL’s offseason hasn’t officially begun yet and there’s already a QB carousel going around like we’ve never seen before. The LA Rams and Philadelphia Eagles have already agreed to ship Jared Goff and Carson Wentz out of town, and a handful of other big names — headlined by Houston’s Deshaun Watson and Seattle’s Russell Wilson — are rumored to be on the move as well. What’s the cause of all the chaos here, and why did the Rams and Eagles elect to swallow massive cap hits just to have these two guys play for other teams 2021?


Ever since drafting Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, the Sixers have been one of the more polarizing teams in the NBA. These two superstars possess enough talent to carry Philadelphia to a title on their own— yet due to clashing play styles, bad injury luck, and poor roster construction they’ve yet to maximize their potential. That all may be changing in 2021.

This past offseason, the Sixers made some serious changes in the hopes of getting the most out of their star center pieces. The first big move came when they fired head coach Brett Brown and replaced him with…

“This is the biggest game Patrick Mahomes will ever play in for the rest of his career… It’s the only way to catch Tom Brady. He has to win this game. If he loses this game, he cannot catch Tom Brady, in my opinion.”

-Tony Romo

The above quote from Tony Romo perfectly encapsulates just how important this Super Bowl is to the history of the NFL. …

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The NFL regular season has come to its conclusion, and that can only mean two things:

  1. I don’t have to watch *insert disappointing quarterback here* take another snap for the miserable Eagles offense until September
  2. Now that only the cream of the crop (and the Washington Football Team) remain standing, it’s time to get excited for some playoff football!

For the first time in NFL history 14 teams will have their crack at the Super Bowl title due to the expanded playoff format. Round 1 provides us with some fun pairings that should be viewed as must watch TV, and…

With the playoffs approaching it’s time for my first ever power rankings. I broke all 32 teams into 5 tiers and came up with the following list. Ranking methodology is based off of how likely it is for each team to contend for the Super Bowl. Hope you enjoy!

Tier 1: Super Bowl Favorites

1.Kansas City Chiefs — I have a feeling Kansas City is going to hold onto this spot for many years to come. The combination of Mahomes, Reid, and the insane weapons on offense make the Chiefs a heavy favorite to win the title this year and likely for the next few…

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On Monday night, the Seattle Seahawks held their opponent under 20 points for the first time all season. In their matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles, the Seahawks defense was able to dominate the game from start to finish. They made life miserable for Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia offense by sacking the quarterback 6 times and getting in his face seemingly every time he dropped back to pass. The final score shows Philadelphia scored 17 points, but 8 of those came on a flukey Hail Mary (and subsequent 2 point conversion) with just 12 seconds remaining on the clock.


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